Miguel and James

Characters from the first book, Where Fools Dare to Tread.

Monk Buttman Mysteries

Miguel and James are friends of Monk from when he was a kid. This scene takes place years before when they were dealing weed as teens.

“It’s a sure thing, man!” James had that look, we knew it from all the other times he had a sure thing.

Miguel wasn’t so sure. “I think its bullshit! I think we’re fucking up here, screwing around with these guys. My cousin says we gotta be smart, and messing with the Pronto’s ain’t smart.

“Are we going or what?” I asked. I had
other things to worry about. Lisa was bugging me about the baby and Moses was
hounding me about my new responsibilities, and though I didn’t say it to them,
what the three of us were up to.

“It’s a easy score,” James insisted,
“reliable, man, I’m telling you…”

“Telling us what?” Miguel demanded.

James was unhappy with the question. “Come…

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