A Day on the Job

Short vignette featuring characters from Where Fools Dare to Tread, A Monk Buttman Mystery.

Monk Buttman Mysteries

Monk’s job is as a courier/go-between/contact man for the law firm Aeschylus and Associates. In that capacity, and because their clients are somewhat eccentric, he often finds himself in, for him, interesting situations.

“Yes?” A fairly stiff older gentleman was
less than excited with my ringing the doorbell. I, on the other hand was rather

“I’m from Aeschylus and Associates,” I
informed him.


Apparently he would need more.

“Is there a Torvas Takalagas here? This
is the address I was given, and while I’m sure you’re interested in my
intentions, I’m afraid I can only speak to Mr. Takalagas.”

“And yet you feel the need to speak to
me.” A wan grin crossed the old man’s face.

I had no answer for that.

He allowed me in and pointed to an alcove by the door. “Please wait here.”

He left, I assumed, to inform Mr.

I waited…

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