Monk and Agnes at Home

First vignette for the new book.

Monk Buttman Mysteries

This is the first in a series of short vignettes to support the new book in the Monk Buttman series, A Twinkle in the Eyes of God.

She had me cornered. Trapped.

need my kisses, Sunshine,” she said, pressing herself against me.


“Don’t play dumb with me, Buttman, you know the rules regarding kisses.” Agnes’ lips were perilously close to mine.

don’t know that I do, beautiful. Perhaps you should refresh my memory.” I kissed
her just because.

“Nice try.” She kissed me back. “And why didn’t you pick me up? I had to ask one of the boys to do it!” Agnes worked about two miles away, for Johnny D, a financier both legitimate and otherwise.

I feigned surprise. “The goons brought you home?”

frowned. “Johnny doesn’t hire goons, Monk.”

apologies.” I kissed her again along her neck. “I was finishing up here…

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