So What’s The Deal Here?

The deal is to spend a few minutes here and there to talk about current events that seem at times to plague our republic. Some big, like racism, sexism, gender, patriotism, life, and death; some maybe not so big like why there are no monkey butlers.

There will be certain guidelines; minimal profanity even though in this day and age it seems ubiquitous wherever you go. I have no interest in going out of my way to belittle or badmouth people of importance or fame just because, but an ass is an ass is an ass and I would be remiss not to point that out. I don’t plan to be didactic or heavy-handed, or to blister eyes with way too many facts and figures because there are those who are far more interested in such things and if it’s possible, I’ll link to that assuming it even comes up.

Lastly, for the moment, I will not just bellyache, but add what I believe are constructive alternatives or opportunities because at the core of this age there are credible answers to the questions we ask.


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