And Now… A Few Words About Sex…

Oh, the titillation!

Ooh, what have we here… gasp, just about everything you can do to one another (and yourself), erotic and otherwise is online for all to see, and…

All the questions one has in living in a world overrun by sex, of, at least, the visual kind. I know this because just about every magazine or website I go to-for news and information, mind you-has advice for those seeking it. And depending on the zine or site, of a highly graphic nature, something you’d never find in the same years ago.

As an example, the following is from the September issue of Men’s Health, which I’ve been reading for 3o years.

And which I may be aging out of, but that’s something altogether different.

One column is Ask Her Anything, which as one would rightly suppose, is where men find out from a woman, in this case Naomi, what they need to do to… well… here are the questions, with my answers in italics:

Sexplay with the wife-she not into it, not really… what should I do? Ask. Unless you already know the answer, but think using Naomi may change her mind.

Romantic dinner and I don’t know anything about wine. Again, ask your companion. If she doesn’t know or have a preference, go for the muscatel.

My girlfriend and I are political opposites-deal breaker? Yes. Unless you think it has Instagram potential, then get it all down in legalese.

Are movies still a good first date? Only if you’re my age (old). Naomi’s friend frowns on this, because, sadly, most men are creeps and darkened theaters don’t provide for a hasty getaway. Naomi, oddly, does not. So take your pick. Don’t know what she likes? Ask.

What’s the etiquette for dating multiple women at the same time? There is no etiquette-it’s whether you think you can get away with it. Naomi says women will assume you already are when they first meet you, so they’re already set up for when you act like their boyfriend and then blow the whole thing up when you’re found out. Of course she may be doing the same thing.

Are men still expected to pay for dinner? As the magic 8 ball will tell you: chances are good. Unless, of course going dutch, assuming anyone uses that phrase anymore, is specified early on. And no, paying for dinner still doesn’t mean sex later.

And on and on.

So while the technical visual aspects of sex are out there for all to see, whether you want to or not, we’re still stuck with fact that relationships require a fair amount of communication and that is rarely forthcoming from conventional sources, hence books and zines and sites.

Now, we could, as a people, put more stock in elucidating to our children the ins and outs-no pun intended, and as I stated above it’s all out there for them to see-of human interaction, sexual and otherwise, but that would demand that we know it already.

Which might not be true.

©2019 David WIlliam Pearce

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