Truly Desperate Times

A particular affliction has overtaken my wife of many years.

The need for kisses.

And not every blue moon or after a stressful day, but often, daily, to the point where haste must be taken in the event I’m cornered.

I blame this predicament on our willingness to shelter-in-place, away from the rest of the world, in order to do our part in dealing with this pandemic. I realize it’s important to do what we can in the great drama none of us asked for, and sacrifice goes with the territory, but I must admit that I was wholly unprepared for what was to happen.

And it’s not that I don’t like kissing my wife; I do, it’s just… the nature of her focus on this particular affliction. You see, every action is deserving of a kiss. Be it important, or unimportant, it deserves a kiss. In fact, it deserves many kisses. In some small way, it’s possible I might, on occasion, be doing that for which a kiss is a fine reward. As a for instance, because my wife works from home and must be part of many meetings that take up a lot of her time, I, being the devoted husband type, and as a writer free to organize my time however I like, I make sure she eat regularly and reasonable well. And I take care of the chores around the house because I can. So maybe a kiss now and then is deserved or given as a thank you.

Lately, however, the parameters have changed.

Now, anything is worthy of a kiss.

(The following examples are offered in a non-judgy kind of way.)

“Oh, look what you’ve done-fill in the blank-that deserves a kiss.”

“The sun’s out! That deserves a kiss.”

“You put on a shirt today, that deserves a kiss.”

“Gruel again? That deserves a kiss.” Ok, maybe that didn’t actually happen, but we’re living in the post truth era.

A person of letters, of distinction; someone who studies people and all the serious contretemps (word of the day) they get into, might find this mildly disturbing. Shouldn’t people, even those who profess to be deeply in love, when placed in confinement with one another for long periods of time be at each other’s throats in no time at all? When there’s no one to look at other than whatshisface, wouldn’t you expect disillusionment to be the order of the day?

And yet, I offer as exhibit A, me and my better half. Kissing not just to be nice to one another, but to be affectionate and caring. Why? Because it gets us through this interminably dreary and uncertain time. And, to be honest, I don’t mind. If I must, I must.

Is this a heroic effort on my part?

I think so.

©2020 David WIlliam Pearce

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1 thought on “Truly Desperate Times

  1. You wife is a slave driver!


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