Democracy on Parade

It goes without saying that these have been trying times. On the plus side, what passes for government, at least on a national level, has been nothing if not entertaining. The death of Justice Ginsburg and the accompanying theatrics continue that fine American tradition.

To wit:

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who actually believed any Republican would honor anything they said when denying Obama a vote, or hearing, on his Supreme Court nominee now that the same thing is happening with Trump, should probably look for something that requires some ethics by the participants. And in truth, there’s nothing that says what the Republicans are doing is unconstitutional or against established Senate rules.

That was the whole point.

So, stop whining. Here are some fun options for retribution by Democrats should they win in November.

Many others are lamenting (and pointing fingers) at the loss of civility in politics, but civility has been rare in our history, and nowhere near as fun as watching our “august” members of the senate twist themselves into knots over solemn promises they no longer intend to keep. For laughs, sadly, the late night talk shows are running collages of all the things Republicans said in 2016 about the importance of letting the “people” decide on choosing a Supreme Court Justice so close (8 months) to an election, and their twisted logic today (a little less than 6 weeks) that such a thing is unnecessary.

For some, this causes hair to be pulled out; for the rest it’s popcorn time, assuming you’re even paying attention. Tisk. Tisk.

I, for one, am expecting the nomination to be rushed through with as little consideration as possible–6 weeks goes fast, folks–and for the “well-credentialed and respected”nominee to be voted in, even if it’s 50-50 with VP Pence the deciding vote.

At which point the real fun can begin.

First. I dare the new iteration of Supreme Court to actually, really overturn Roe v. Wade. I double-dare you. Mostly because I’d like to see how many states then outlaw abortion, and how they’re going to keep the women in their state from getting abortions in states that allow it. Remember folks, overturning Roe v. Wade does not in itself outlaw abortion.

Second. Throw out the ACA. Again, I dare you. Mostly because I want to see the great new healthcare plan that Trump touts, but never reveals. Call their bluff. I’ll bet they got nothing. Then we can watch a collage of how they said they would never get rid of protecting those with pre-existing conditions after they’ve just pushed them under the bus.

Third. Give up on civility unless you yourself are willing to abide by it, and extend it to those who don’t share your views. This applies to libtards, deplorables, and elites alike. Power is power, and when it’s your turn, squash the other guy like a bug, cuz that’s what we really want to see.

Sure, there are those who want a functioning government that actually does something credible and beneficial for all us “regular” folks, but that’s all pipedream stuff for the time being.

In the meantime: fight, fight, fight, fight.

Goes with the beer and popcorn.

©2020 David William Pearce

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1 thought on “Democracy on Parade

  1. You always give me plenty to think about. Bless you.🎶🤓🎶


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