It’s Worth a Fortune

My house, that is. And it’s all very exciting. And expensive. Why? Property taxes. At least that’s what they tell me.

Now, I want to caution my many conservative friends that this is not a tax rant, certainly not the apocalyptic kind notably heard on rant TV and radio. I’m not a big fan of taxes-I mean who is?- but I also like decent roads so I don’t have to replace my tires and axles every year, decent schools to minimize this being the land of morons, as well as public services so I have someone whine at when my many-we’ll call them foolish decisions-come into play.

Small favors.

And let’s be honest here for a moment, shall we? Home “ownership” is a misrepresentation first and foremost. Why? Because all it really is, is you paying for the right to exist on a plot of land. That, and for most, a mortgage. As far as I know, there isn’t a tract of land in yon United States that is not subject to some form of property tax. It never goes away. It’s one of the very exciting things you gift to your kids, dependants, benefactors, when you drop dead.

Apparently, I was wrong, this is a tax rant… of a kind.

But that aside…

I now plant my sorry behind within a rather valuable property. As with all fantasies fiduciary, the mind finds itself going places a poor sod would not. And why not? Isn’t the whole point of wealth to be either weirdly miserly or an unconscionable spendthrift? Some of you may rightly point out that there is a middle ground here, bub, that I could be circumspect when the big dough ends up in my lap, but for the purposes of this mental exercise, I shall ignore you completely! A kind of revery awaits as the valuations continue to rise, but…

Other less optimistic voices intrude, interrupting my idle thoughts of grandeur.

The problem is quite necessarily that in order to enjoy the harvest of your investment you to sell it, thereby relieving you of an actual place to live. Much as I love my trailer, a comfy home it is not. Of course, I could buy something else, but unless it’s in rural Kansas, I’d be trading apples for apples, and other than having to acclimate to a new property, not much would be gained. I’d also have to grapple with the taxes to be paid on my newfound wealth should I choose to live in said trailer-something my dear wife is not enthusiastic about.

So, if you’re not willing to part with your home, move away to parts unknown, less expensive parts unknown, then its new exciting value is nothing more than a nice number to lord over your less ebullient friends whose houses have not yet become too expensive to afford.

Certainly the taxes.

©2021 David William Pearce

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