Eating While Watching Cooking

In an effort to avoid any and all bad news, I have decided that the best way to distract myself from the morass of these particular days is to immerse myself in the fairly pointless endeavour of watching other people cook.

And while I cook, I am not a talented cook, nor do I have any inclination towards an advanced culinary education. This is an important fact to remember.

The ugly truth is I watch these shows to pass the time. I should be reading important texts—the written kind like War and Peace versus my phone informing me that my prescription is ready at my local CVS—rather than watching chefs make interesting meals out of bizarre ingredients. And what’s the deal with all the weird ingredients?

And how many people watching have any interest whatsoever in making something even remotely similar to what the chefs come up with?

Important questions.

Mostly, I think, it’s like watching sports. We have no real inclination to replicate these dishes, and are merely content to watch these chefs make themselves nuts trying to come up with something tasty with dirt, phlegm, gummy bears, and brisket. That certainly defines me. I watch while gulping down a large bowl of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Hardly the gastronomically challenging food fest being broadcast. In fact, I’m certain the judges would be appalled at my culinary choices assuming they consider them culinary in the first place!

I don’t care.

I am at peace watching while consuming a Big Mac or Whopper, frozen pizza, or a bucket of the Colonel’s best. I am very much a product of my time. Nor do I think I am unique in this. Most actual chefs who might benefit from whatever the chefs on these shows are doing, are most likely working their proverbial butts off and have little time to watch made up shows about cooking.

Some shows, like the British Baking Show are informative enough that I now know there are more than one kind of meringue. And the bread! I do love bread. That doesn’t mean I will be endeavoring to make Swiss or French or Italian Meringue. There are plenty of Swiss, Fench, and Italians willing and able to do it for me. As well as British persons on yon boobtube.

Best that I be a passive observer scarfing down a taco.

Bon appetit!

©2021 David William Pearce

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