Land of Wackos

I’m Back! After a month or so off doing important stuff, working on the next Monk book, as well as an exciting sci-fi story of the end of the world, I’m refreshed and ready to enlighten my many tens of readers with my inspiringly cogent insights. Please read on…

Anyone remember the guy at the bar who was noted for being the heavy on every weird asinine conspiracy known to Man (I know, I shouldn’t use that term, but at the time…)? You remember: Alien overlords in human disguise, the CIA, FBI, KGB, SMERSH, KAOS reading our thoughts which required tinfoil hats, massive government plots, commie infiltration, and on and on. We used to laugh, “Boy, I hope that guy never ends up in charge. Woah, look out!” Well, it look like we’re going to find out.

I suppose that’s only natural.

And maybe not that surprising. Those of us of a certain vintage were fooled into believing that thoughtful respectful leadership was a real thing. Turns out, amazingly, our history is littered with wackos, kooks, liars, and scoundrels; it’s part of what makes us so great. Of course, in the past, by which I meant pre-internet/social media, wackos could only go so far. But now, the opportunities are endless. So, rather than humbugging the trend and worrying to the detriment of my fading health (might be this whole Covid thing), I’ve decided to embrace the lunacy.

If the world is coming apart at the seems who am I to bemoan it? There are plenty out there doing a much better job at than that I ever could.

So what exactly does that mean? I recognize that my immediate predecessors, the progenitors of be responsible, stand tall, embrace virtue, were probably suffering from any number of psychoses that they were unaware of. Thank God we have names for all that now. Some of this was their surviving multiple world wars, depressions, and a cold war that threatened nuclear annihilation or, even worse, a commie victory that would enslave the world and reduce us to mindless zombies or gaunt gulagers. But those people are dead. And apparently, the lessons they taught us were, you know…

Now, thanks to the glory of the internet/social media, we have an array of exciting points along the political spectrum from which to scream because deep down we know it’s pointless and it’s all going to end in climate armageddon or reeducation camps or prison.

This explains why so many of us are in such a bad mood. That and the Covid thing.

Be that as it may, and who wants to be such a downer when there are so many out there already, why not shout to the rooftops whatever comes into your head? And truth? Pish-posh any of that. That’s so yesterday; ok, boomer! It’s all fake news and MSM lies and wokers and book banners and crackpots and “politicians” spewing forth. The list is endless.

So why fight it? Your heart and brain will thank you.

It’s possible that a few of you out there may object, that not taking any of this seriously will only end in all kinds of terrible things. Probably, but since we no longer talk to one another other than to virtue signal or bad mouth the other side, terrible seems inevitable. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun. And you can’t tell me that it won’t be fascinating to watch Florida and New York exchange prisoners when Democrats are outlawed in Florida and New York retaliates by outlawing Republicans.

Seriously. It’s gonna happen.

Meanwhile, if you need me, I’ll be hiding outside with my flashlight. I know those damn squirrels are up to no good!

©2022 David William Pearce

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